Provide Supplies

Mucking in
Become a volunteer!

The Sanctuary relies on donations from the public to continue helping animals in need, and there are always
things that we are running short of. Any of the below items, in any amount would be greatly appreciated.
Please help us fill our wish list!


Any fresh fruits
Pure apple juice
Farex Blue baby rice cereal
Complan Nutritional Drink
Chicken Pellets
Chicken Mash
Good quality hay
Sprats or small fish to freeze for herons, penguins, seabirds and kingfishers

Animal Upkeep

Paper towels/tissues
Bird cages, especially large ones!
Native trees with flowering or edible berries to feed released birds

Building Materials

Framing Timber
Good quality corrugated iron/roofing
Fine guage chicken wire
Clear, corrugated plastic for sides and roofs