When Rosie’s original family moved back to Auckland, they couldn’t bring her with them, so they left her, on her own, in a field. We brought her to The Sanctuary to live, where she has enjoyed every minute, as you can see, by relaxing in the grass and eating to her heart’s content.

Rosie also loves getting a tummy rub, and will stop whatever she is doing when she sees you to see if she can get one. She will run over like a dog, give a piggy smile and lie down at your feet, in case you didn’t get the hint.


We first heard about Jose when the SPCA told us they were looking for a home for a tiny kune-kune pig. We went to go see little Jose, who was only a baby, and found the saddest looking animal! His skin was raw and broken, his tail was bare flesh, and he was absolutely petrified. So of course, we had to have him!

Jose required 2 weeks of intensive care before moving to The Sanctuary, but he has since grown into a healthy, happy, sociable animal. In spite of his dreadful beginnings, Jose has never shown a single sign of aggression, and instead grunts hello when he first sees you – probably asking for a tummy rub.