Prince Charles

Charles and his brothers were rescued by the Sanctuary from a farmer that was selling his property and had decided to shoot the peacocks. We immediately offered to take four, and were shocked to receive them tied up in brown canvas sacks with only their heads poking out.

We set them free around the property, and you can now see them poking through the bush or jumping off the roof, flapping their wings and huge tails behind them. Sadly, our fourth peacock passed away recently, so Charles spends his days wandering alone, looking in on the chickens and ducks and sunning himself wherever there is long grass.

Prince William

Peacocks are the national bird of India, and were once only owned by Indian maharajas, so we have given our peacocks royal names as well. William, as the heir to the throne, is the most noble of the three, with a full, long set of tail feathers that he raises in full display, even though we don’t have any peahens for him to impress.

Prince Harry

Harry is the inquisitive one out of our three peacocks, and spends most of his time hanging around in the backyard, looking through the windows into the house to see if anyone is around. He is also close friends with William, and the two of them eat, sleep and cause mischief together – as young boys will do.