Nellie was captured as a baby when a hunter shot her mother. Staked outside without a collar, the metal chain had worn into her neck. She had eaten everything within her small circle and was starving, and had no water in the hot summer sun. Her tiny bones stuck out, and she was suffering from worms and hoof-rot. The owner agreed to turn the small goat over to The Sanctuary.

Shawn says “Nellie was absolutely petrified, and I sat with her in a stable for several days without moving, without showing her my hands. I gradually moved food closer and closer to me, and kept speaking softly. I promised her she’d never be chained again. When I was finally able to release her into a paddock, Nellie looked confused and didn’t move at first. She’d forgotten what freedom was.

Then suddenly she starting racing around in huge circles, leaping and kicking with joy. Just as I was wondering if I’d ever get near her again she came back, braced her bottom against my leg, and started grazing. She’s been a beloved companion ever since.”


Lucky was originally rescued from the abattoir, where he was in line for slaughter. He was brought to friends who wanted a goat for “lawn mowing”, and he performed this function well for a few years. However, the grounds are now landscaped and Lucky was no longer needed. He was terribly lonely ( goats have a strong herd instinct and HATE being alone), so Lucky was constantly breaking whatever chain or cable he was on and jumping the fence to be nearer to people.

His family asked if we would please give him a permanent home, and we agreed. Lucky is now happily settling in with our white goat Nellie, and they make a perfect pair. He runs around in the paddocks and enjoys his freedom – and the company.