After years of mistreatment, Romeo the miniature horse came to us unwilling to shelter indoors even in the worst weather. While tied up, unable to run away, Romeo had been abused by his previous owners and was naturally afraid of people, and especially the stables. Now Romeo gets to wander freely around the sanctuary, and has even overcome his fears with the help of his donkey friends.

At first we weren’t certain if Solomon and Bartholomew would accept another male into their herd because Romeo kept his distance, and slept and grazed separately. But he won them over eventually, and is now happy to nuzzle with people, eat apples in the barn, and enjoy his life in peace.


Bartholomew was found abandoned with his mother, Bethlehem, in a remote paddock. When the grass ran out, the two donkeys slowly starved, and were found near death. Both mother and son came to the sanctuary, where they lived happily until Bethlehem developed Cushings Disease and passed away. We are glad that she spent her last years in peace at the Sanctuary.

But Bartholomew isn’t alone: he is inseparable from Solomon, and you will often see him resting his head on the other’s back, sleeping together. Bartholomew is the quieter of the two, so he is easy to spot: that and his trademark zebra-striped legs!


Solomon and Bartholomew are known as “Jerusalem Donkeys” because they have a dark cross on their back. Solomon came from an abusive situation and had been beaten and whipped, and when rescued was placed with Bartholomew. However their new owner neglected them, and they needed a safe haven to live the rest of their lives.

Now Solomon, Bartholomew and Romeo are a herd, and Solomon is the leader of the pack. He is always the first one at the gate, and where he goes the other follow. He loves taking dust baths, getting scratches behind his ears and adores red apples.