Max is also an Alexandrine Parrot, and has become Rouge’s best friend. He is a complete sweetheart, and the first thing he looks for in the morning is a hop on your shoulder so he can spend the day with you. He is happy to step out onto your hand, and certainly enjoys a snuggle […]


Rouge is an Alexandrine parrot who was abandoned, and now lives at The Sanctuary. Rouge was not hand-raised, so when she first came to The Sanctuary she was a notorious biter, and with that big strong beak, she attacked everything. But like most of our animal residents Rouge just needed some time, love, and affection. […]


Snow is a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo and is a complete character. Her previous owner was forced to give her up through difficult circumstances, and she ended up at Bird Rescue. But Cockatoos, like many parrots, can live up to 80 or 100 years, so she needed a long-term home. Snow is 21 years old, and loves […]