Available for Adoption

Looking for Love!

While some animals come to the Sanctuary for the rest of their lives, others would be happy to find new homes with loving families all to themselves.
If you are interested in any of the animals below, please contact us for more information about them and the adoption process.


Two days ago I looked at our empty rat tower and thought “It’s been years since we’ve had any rats.” Late that night I got a call from a distraught young woman. Someone had left a tiny cage (suitable for 2 rats) with FIVE male rats at the end of her driveway, at night, in the pouring rain. She already had 8 rats, and couldn’t keep them. So they came to us.  Oh, what sweet friendly beautiful boys!! We’ve been enjoying non-stop cuddles and snuggles ever since. This one is Bailey. We’ll have them all neutered before they’re adopted. If you’re interested in adopting, please contact animalsanctuary@xtra.co.nz

Ex-Battery Hens

The Sanctuary works closely with animal welfare groups to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome battery hens. Hens make wonderful companions as they are low-maintanence, social animals that love to spend time with you and will keep you entertained with their antics. If you live in the Auckland or Rodney areas and would like to adopt some hens, please click here to learn more.